Role of Commercial Enterprises in Normative Technologies

First and foremost, implementations of Normative Technologies will provide a foundation that commercial enterprises can build on, thus lowering the cost of entry to market. If Normative Technologies are successfully designed to prevent centralisation of power into a small number of enterprises, it will provide commercial opportunities for a much higher number of enterprises than today.

When it comes to actually developing the Normative Technologies themselves, commercial enterprises will play an important role in building them. They are likely to participate in the same governance bodies as publically funded institutes, but they will need to adhere to regulatory constraints and oversight just like other highly regulated industries currently. For the actual contribution to normative works, they will also need to develop business models that do not rely on exclusivity or rivalry. For work that is non-normative, like implementing scalable solutions for deploying Normative Technologies, the specific implementation may be exclusive or rivalrous, as long as it does not compromise governance of the technology.